Liver and Glycosylation

The involvement of glycosylation in liver regeneration

Tomohiko Fukuda, Jianguo Gu

last updated 2019/06/03 (2019 Vol.22 (2), A4)  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.22A4

The liver, which has long been known to have a very high regenerative ability, is composed of liver parenchymal cells, called “hepatocytes,” and liver nonparenchymal cells such as hepatic sinusoidal endothelial cells, hepatic stellate cells, and Kupffer cells. Liver regeneration is spatiotemporally regulated by cell-to-cell interactions and humoral factors such as cytokines and growth factors. Many of the molecules involved in cell-cell interactions and humoral factor receptors are glycoproteins. ...and more

Glycan and Database

GlyCosmos Portal and MIRAGE

Kiyoko F. Aoki-Kinoshita

last updated 2019/06/03 (2019 Vol.22 (2), A5)  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.22A5

This is the first of a series of articles on bioinformatics resources for glycoscience research. This first article will give a brief introduction to background knowledge that would be useful to read the rest of the articles. In particular, a description of the commonly used text and symbolic nomenclature to represent glycans will be given, along with recommendations for which representation to use. This is followed by brief descriptions of the types of resources that will be explained in this series. Glycan-related web resources vary from databases to web services to web portals of integrated data. It is difficult to try to weed through this web of data, and so this article attempts to organize the information in a way that users can understand the current state of these resources. Note that although there is a section on “glycoconjugates” which covers not only glycoproteins, but also glycolipids, proteoglycans, GPI-anchors, etc., the current state of databases only covers glycoproteins in general. The other types of glycoconjugates are not forgotten, however, and will be the focus of future development. ...and more


Transition and Future Perspectives in Chitin and Chitosan Research

Hiroshi Seo

last updated 2019/06/03 (2019 Vol.22 (2), A6)  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.22A6

Keratan sulfate, a glycan consisting of repeated disaccharides, is covalently bound to proteins. The repeating disaccharide units differ in sulfation pattern, and a disaccharide unit in which both 6-hydroxyls are sulfated is designated as L4. L4 has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects, and in particular, it suppressed emphysema in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) model mice. As to its action mechanisms, L4 is suggested to regulate the functions of immune cells through binding to a C-type lectin, Langerin, highly expressed in dendritic cells. We have synthesized chemical derivatives of L4 with higher affinity to Langerin, and are investigating their binding to Langerin, anti-inflammatory effects in COPD model mice, and mechanisms of actions. ...and more

2019 Vol.22 (1), A3  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.22A3
Synthetic development of keratan sulfate-related ligand of C-type lectin Langerin, and its anti-inflammatory effects
Yasuhiko Kizuka, Naoyuki Taniguchi
2019 Vol.22 (1), A2  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.22A2
Glycan Nomenclature and Summary of Glycan-related Resources
Kiyoko F. Aoki-Kinoshita
2019 Vol.22 (1), A1  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.22A1
Glypican-3: Hepatocellular carcinoma specific antigen, a novel target for cancer immunotherapy
Yasuhiro Shimizu, Tetsuya Nakatsura
2018 Vol.21, A3  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.21A3
Microheterogeneity of carbohydrate chain on AFP: update on AFP-L3 as a biomarker of hepatocellular carcinoma
Shinji Satomura
2018 Vol.21, A2  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.21A2
Liver and Glycosylation , Preface
Eiji Miyoshi
2018 Vol.21, A1  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.21A1
Glycosylphosphatidylinositols of pathogenic microorganisms
Taroh Kinoshita
2017 Vol.20, A1  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.20A1
Report on the 11th International Conference on Hyaluronic Acid (HA 2017)
Naoki Itano
2016 Vol.19, A3  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.19A3
Is host defense due to complement-related lectins?
Katsuki Ohtani / Nobutaka Wakamiya
2016 Vol.19, A2  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.19A2
Chemo-enzymatic Synthesis of Glyco-medicines Using Microbial Endoglycosidase
Kenji Yamamoto
2016 Vol.19, A1  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.19A1
Glycan-mediated human adaptation of avian influenza viruses and pandemic control
Yohei Watanabe
2015 Vol.18, A2  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.18A2
Report on the International Society for Hyaluronan Sciences (ISHAS) 10th International Conference (Hyaluronan 2015)
Ikuko Kakizaki
2015 Vol.18, A1  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.18A1
Role of glycans in pathogenicity of HIV/SIV
Kazuyasu Mori
2014 Vol.17, A3  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.17A3
9th International Conference on Hyaluronan Research (HA 2013 Report)
Koji Kimata
2014 Vol.17, A2  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.17A2
Highlights and Summary of the 9th International Conference on Hyaluronan (HA 2013)
Naoki Itano
2014 Vol.17, A1  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.17A1
Baculovirus Chondroitinase and Silkworm Chondroitin Sulfate
Nobuo Sugiura
2013 Vol.16, A2  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.16A2
Recent research on influenza virus receptor and the mechanism of its host range mutation
Yasuo Suzuki
2013 Vol.16, A1  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.16A1
Interaction of pathogens with Siglecs
Takashi Angata
2011 Vol.15, A4  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.15A4
Influenza A viruses and glycans:the nature of viral lectins
Kyoko Shinya / Yasuhiro Suzuki
2011 Vol.15, A3  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.15A3
Role of glycan-binding receptors in herpes virus infection
Tadahiro Suenaga/ Hisashi Arase
2011 Vol.15, A1  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.15A1
Report on the HA 2010 Conference
Koji Kimata
2010 Vol.14, A4  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.14A4
Amyloid β-protein and gangliosides: Implications in the development of Alzheimer disease -Update-
Katsuhiko Yanagisawa
2010 Vol.14, A3  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.14A3
Promotion effect of influenza A virus replication by sulfatide
Tadanobu Takahashi / Takashi Suzuki
2010 Vol.14, A2  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.14A2
The enigma of hyaluronan-synthesizing membrane protrusions and hyaluronan coats
Kirsi Rilla / Markku Tammi / Raija Tammi
2010 Vol.14, A1  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.14A1
The Xenopus model for evaluating hyaluronan during development
Davide Vigetti / Michela Ori / Alberto Passi
2009 Vol.13, A4 (PN: 2009 Vol.24)  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.13A4
Growth factor regulation of hyaluronan metabolism in tumor progression
Paraskevi Heldin
2009 Vol.13, A3 (PN: 2009 Vol.23)  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.13A3
Prediction of N-glycosylation potential of influenza virus hemagglutinin by a bioinformatic approach
Manabu Igarashi / Kimihito Ito / Ayato Takada
2009 Vol.13, A1 (PN: 2009 Vol.23)  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.13A1
The regulation and function of hyaluronan binding by CD44 in the immune system
Brian Ruffell / Pauline Johnson
2008 Vol.12, A3 (PN: 2008 Vol.22)  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.12A3
Hyaluronan : Current Macromolecular and Micromolecular Views
Andrew Almond / Timothy E. Hardingham
2008 Vol.12, A2 (PN: 2008 Vol.21)  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.12A2
Hyaluronan as a regulatory component of neural stem cell and progenitor cell niches
Larry S. Sherman / Kerstin Feistel
2008 Vol.12, A1 (PN: 2007 Vol.20)  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.12A1
Histo-blood group antigens and norovirus
Haruko Shirato-Horikoshi
2007 Vol.11, A4  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.11A4
Yasuo Suzuki
2007 Vol.11, A3 (PN: 2007 Vol.19)  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.11A3
The role of hyaluronan in renal stone disease
Carl Verkoelen
2007 Vol.11, A2  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.11A2
Antiganglioside-COMPLEX antibodies in Guillain-Barrè syndrome -Update-
Susumu Kusunoki
2007 Vol.11, A1 (PN: 2007 Vol.13)  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.11A1
Glycosyltransferases involved in synthesizing chondroitin sulfate
Masanori Gotoh / Takashi Sato / Hisashi Narimatsu
2006 Vol.10, A2 (PN: 2006 Vol.9)  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.10A2
Ganglioside GM3 and Type 2 Diabetes
Jin-ichi Inokuchi
2006 Vol.10, A1 (PN: 2006 Vol.8)  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.10A1
Family of β-4-Glycosyltransferases (β-4GT)
Takashi Sato / Masanori Gotoh / Hisashi Narimatsu
2005 Vol.9, A4  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.09A4
Dynamic Regulation of Cytokine Receptors by N-Glycan Processing and Endocytosis
James W. Dennis
2005 Vol.9, A3  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.09A3
Glycosylation of the AIDS Virus and an AIDS Vaccine
Chie Sugimoto/ Kazuyasu Mori
2005 Vol.9, A2 (PN: 2005 Vol.3)  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.09A2
O-GlcNAc:A Primer
Kaoru Sakabe / Gerald W. Hart
2005 Vol.9, A1 (PN: 2005 Vol.2)  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.09A1
Novel Functions of Hyaluronan Oligosaccharides
Akira Asari
2004 Vol.8, A11  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.08A11
Acceleration of Sialyl Lewisx/a Expression Associated with Cancer Progression
Reiji Kannagi
2004 Vol.8, A10 (PN: 2005 Vol.1)  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.08A10
The Hyaluronan Receptor, CD44 -Update-
Warren Knudson / Cheryl Knudson
2004 Vol.8, A9  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.08A9
Hyaluronan and Cancer Progression from the Viewpoint of Sugar Chain Biosynthesis
Naoki Itano
2004 Vol.8, A8  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.08A8
NK Cell and Sialyl Lewisx in Cancer Metastasis
Chikara Ohyama
2004 Vol.8, A7  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.08A7
Integrin-mediated Signaling and Its Regulation by N-glycans
Jianguo Gu
2004 Vol.8, A6  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.08A6
Glypican-3: A Novel Marker for the Diagnosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Jorge Filmus
2004 Vol.8, A5  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.08A5
Oligosaccharides of E-Cadherin and Tumor Metastasis
Takatoshi Kitada
2004 Vol.8, A4  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.08A4
Bacterial Hyaluronan Synthases -Update-
Paul H. Weigel
2004 Vol.8, A3  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.08A3
Update on the Mammalian Hyaluronidases
Robert Stern
2004 Vol.8, A2  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.08A2
The Lymphatic Endothelial Hyaluronan Receptor LYVE-1
David G. Jackson
2004 Vol.8, A1  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.08A1
Involvement of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Receptor Type Z (Ptprz/PTPζ/RPTPβ) Signaling in Gastric Ulcer Induction by VacA of Helicobacter Pylori
Masaharu Noda
2003 Vol.7, A10  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.07A10
Biological Functions of a Soluble Form of N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase V (GnT-V)
Eiji Miyoshi
2003 Vol.7, A9  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.07A9
Sialidase and Insulin Signaling
Taeko Miyagi
2003 Vol.7, A8  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.07A8
Hyaluronan in Prostate Cancer Progression
James B. McCarthy / Melanie A. Simpson
2003 Vol.7, A7  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.07A7
Hyaluronan and Hyaluronan Synthesis in the Bone Marrow Microenvironment: A Comparison of Patients with Multiple Myeloma and Healthy Donors
Anna M. Masellis
2003 Vol.7, A6  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.07A6
Congenital Muscular Dystrophies Due to Glycosylation Defects
Tamao Endo
2003 Vol.7, A5  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.07A5
Cytoplasmic Peptide:N-glycanase
Tadashi Suzuki
2003 Vol.7, A4  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.07A4
The Role of O-Fucosylation in Notch Signal Transduction
Robert Haltiwanger
2003 Vol.7, A3  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.07A3
Biological Function of Sulfoglycolipidse
Koichi Honke
2003 Vol.7, A2  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.07A2
Type2 Diabetes and Ganglioside GM3
Jin-ichi Inokuchi
2003 Vol.7, A1  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.07A1
Chondroitin Sulfate E in Signaling of the Growth Factor Midkine
Takashi Muramatsu
2002 Vol.6, A12  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.06A12
Glycosylation in Human Disease: The Expanding Spectrum of Causes and Consequences
Hudson H. Freeze
2002 Vol.6, A11  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.06A11
Hyaluronan and Airway Mucosal Host Defense
Rosanna M Forteza / Gregory E.Conner / Matthias Salathe
2002 Vol.6, A10  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.06A10
GPI-anchor Biosynthesis and Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria
Taroh Kinoshita
2002 Vol.6, A9  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.06A9
Remodeling of the Major Xeno-glycoantigen
Shuji Miyagawa / Ryota Shirakura / Naoyuki Taniguchi
2002 Vol.6, A8  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.06A8
Three-dimensional Structures of Hyaluronate Lyases from Streptococcus Species and Their Mechanism of Hyaluronan Degradation
Mark J. Jedrzejas
2002 Vol.6, A7  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.06A7
α-Mannosidase-like Protein Involved in Quality Control in the Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)
Nobuko Hosokawa / Kazuhiro Nagata
2002 Vol.6, A6  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.06A6
Selectin-mediated Cell Recognition and its Structural Basis
Reiji Kannagi
2002 Vol.6, A5  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.06A5
Human Inherited Diseases That Have Defects in the Assembly Step of Lipid-linked Oligosaccharide
Tetsuo Takahashi / Yoshihisa Nishikawa
2002 Vol.6, A4  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.06A4
Function of Di/oligosialic Acid Structure
Chihiro Sato / Ken Kitajima
2002 Vol.6, A3  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.06A3
Lessons from Glycogene KO Mice
Koichi Furukawa
2002 Vol.6, A2  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.06A2
Sialic Acids and Human Evolution
Akemi Suzuki
2002 Vol.6, A1  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.06A1
"The Tree" : Hyaluronan Research in the 20th Century
Torvard C. Laurent
2001 Vol.5, A9  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.05A9
SHAP, a Protein Covalently Bound to Hyaluronan
Koji Kimata / Lisheng Zhuo
2001 Vol.5, A8  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.05A8
Hyaluronan: Static, Hydrodynamic and Molecular Dynamic Views
John Sheehan / Andrew Almond
2001 Vol.5, A7  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.05A7
Beyond Glycogenes
Naoyuki Taniguchi
2001 Vol.5, A6  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.05A6
Intracellular Hyaluronan
Stephen Evanko / Thomas N. Wight
2001 Vol.5, A5  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.05A5
Disorder of N-linked Glycan Transfer
Takashi Ohkura / Katsuko Yamashita
2001 Vol.5, A4  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.05A4
Biomaterials from Chemically-Modified Hyaluronan
Glenn D. Prestwich
2001 Vol.5, A3  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.05A3
Novel Hyaluronan Synthases from Chlorella Viruses and Pasteurella Bacteria
Paul L. DeAngelis
2001 Vol.5, A2  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.05A2
Hyaluronan and the Organization of the Interphotoreceptor Matrix of the Retina
Joe G. Hollyfield
2001 Vol.5, A1  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.05A1
Understanding Hyaluronan-Protein Interactions
Anthony J. Day
2000 Vol.4, A9  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.04A9
Lysosomal Diseases
Hitoshi Sakuraba
2000 Vol.4, A8  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.04A8
Carbohydrate Determinants Involved in Inflammation and Homing of Lymphocytes
Reiji Kannagi
2000 Vol.4, A7  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.04A7
Influenza Virus and its Glycoreceptor: Host Range Variation of Human and Animal Influenza Viruses
Yasuo Suzuki
2000 Vol.4, A6  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.04A6
Mammalian Hyaluronidases
Robert Stern / Antonei B. Csóka
2000 Vol.4, A5  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.04A5
Rheumatoid Arthritis and Abnormality of Human Serum IgG N-Glycans
Tamao Endo
2000 Vol.4, A4  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.04A4
Microbial Hyaluronan Lyases
Sakaru Suzuki
2000 Vol.4, A3  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.04A3
From the Genome Research Era to the Glycome-- An interview with Professor Naoyuki Taniguchi
Naoyuki Taniguchi
2000 Vol.4, A2  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.04A2
Immune-mediated Neuropathy and Antibody against Glycoconjugates
Susumu Kusunoki
2000 Vol.4, A1  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.04A1
Medical application of Hyaluronan
Akira Asari / Satoshi Miyauchi
1999 Vol.3, A6  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.03A6
The Biological Role of Oligosaccharide Chains in Digestive Diseases
Hiroyuki Osawa
1999 Vol.3, A5  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.03A5
Hyaluronan and Colon Smooth Muscle Cells
Scott Strong / Carol de la Motte
1999 Vol.3, A4  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.03A4
Amyloid β-Protein and GM1 Ganglioside: Implications in β-Amyloidogenesis in Alzheimer's Disease
Katsuhiko Yanagisawa
1999 Vol.3, A3  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.03A3
RHAMM, a member of the hyaladherins
Eva Turley / Rene Harrison
1999 Vol.3, A2  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.03A2
The Hyaluronan Receptor, CD44
Warren Knudson /Cheryl B. Knudson
1999 Vol.3, A1  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.03A1
Hyaluronan in Atherosclerosis and Restenosis
Thomas N. Wight
1998 Vol.2, A9  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.02A9
Hyaluronan in Morphogenesis and Tissue Remodeling
Bryan P. Toole
1998 Vol.2, A8  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.02A8
Malignant Transformation and Mucins
Hiroshi Nakada
1998 Vol.2, A7  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.02A7
Eukaryotic Hyaluronan Synthases
Andrew P. Spicer / John A. McDonald
1998 Vol.2, A6  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.02A6
Bacterial Hyaluronan Synthases
Paul H. Weigel
1998 Vol.2, A5  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.02A5
Cartilage; Aggrecan-Link Protein-Hyaluronan Aggregates
Timothy E. Hardingham
1998 Vol.2, A4  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.02A4
Hyaluronan in the Epidermis
Raija Tammi / Markku Tammi
1998 Vol.2, A3  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.02A3
Deciphering messages from heparin /heparan sulfate chains-- An interview with Professor Ulf Lindahl
Ulf Lindahl
1998 Vol.2, A2  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.02A2
Role of Hyaluronan during Ovulation and Fertilization
Antonietta Salustri / Csaba Fulop
1998 Vol.2, A1  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.02A1
Secondary and Tertiary Structures of Hyaluronan in Aqueous Solution. Some Biological Consequences
John E. Scott
1997 Vol.1, A2  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.01A2
Hyaluronan: Structure and Physical Properties
Vincent C. Hascall / Torvard C. Laurent
1997 Vol.1, A1  
DOI: 10.32285/glycoforum.01A1
Cloning of a novel sialyltransferase gene-- An interview with Professor Masaki Saito
Masaki Saito

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