Privacy policy

This is the privacy policy for Glycoforum® website which is run and provided by Seikagaku Corporation (“Seikagaku”). Seikagaku views the protection of personal information as an important social responsibility, and strives to manage personal information as described below.

In accordance with relevant laws, regulations and our own internal corporate policies, Seikagaku shall strive to notify all Seikagaku employees of our privacy policy, and shall handle personal information lawfully and appropriately.

1. Collection of Personal Information
Seikagaku shall only collect personal information through lawful and appropriate means, and with a legitimate business purpose, identifying clearly the purposes and methods of use of the personal information.

2. Use of Personal Information
Seikagaku shall not use the personal information it collects for any purpose other than the purpose(s) indicated to the individual when it was collected without first obtaining such individual's consent.

3. Provision of Personal Information
Personal information shall not be provided or disclosed to any third party except under the following circumstances:
(1) With the prior written consent of the individual;
(2) Where the provision of the information to a third party is permitted under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or other relevant law; or
(3) Where the provision or disclosure of the information is required by law.

4. Personal Information Security Measures
Seikagaku shall strive to develop internal corporate regulations and enact safety measures to prevent and correct unauthorized access to personal information, and the inadvertent disclosure, loss, or falsification of personal information. When personal information is entrusted to a contracted service provider, Seikagaku shall supervise that service provider to ensure that personal information is being handled properly.

5. Policy Revisions
Seikagaku shall strive to adequately respond to changes in the social environment with regard to the handling of personal information. Seikagaku shall strive to maintain and raise the current level of privacy protection offered, by revising this policy or any related internal regulations, if Seikagaku determines it to be necessary. Any revisions made to this policy shall be posted on our web site.