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Hiroaki Tateno

About Glycotext

Glycans cover the surface of all cells, and play an extremely important role in protein quality control inside cells and in multicellular interactions outside cells. In addition, since glycan structures change during tumorigenesis and differentiation, they have recently been drawing attention as a drug discovery target and cell quality control marker. However, there are few opportunities to learn about glycans in a classroom setting, and it is not easy to grasp the characteristic points about them simply by reading textbooks. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that glycans are the final frontier in life science. Glycotext publishes the presentation slides used by cutting-edge researchers in lectures at TIAnano Bio Summer School. The lecture slides summarize the key points in learning about glycans, and I believe that they will be useful as supplementary reading materials for your study and as teaching materials in class. By all means, I hope that you will find the slides useful for your purposes.

About TIAnano Bio Summer School

TIAnano Bio Summer School started with the support of Tsukuba Innovation Arena (TIA) in 2017 and has been held every summer to provide an opportunity for students to learn about the basics and applications of glycans and lectins. At this summer school, researchers who are conducting cutting-edge research in the field of glycobiology will lecture on the basics of glycans and lectins, as well as their latest research results. Knowing how each researcher perceives, understands, and explains glycans can be of great value not only for students, but also for us researchers. Researchers who are active in other fields are also invited to introduce the next generation of research, which focuses on fusion with glycobiology. Even within the same theme, viewpoints vary widely depending on the instructor. By taking part in lectures from various lecturers, you can deepen your understanding of not only glycans and lectins, but also life science in general. To provide opportunities for the attendees to consider their learning, and to deepen exchanges among all participants, the program includes time for exercises. We are looking forward to your participation, as we are planning for the program to be of great benefit not only to students, but also to researchers from companies, universities, and research institutions.

Message from Glycoforum

In support of the aims of the TIAnano Bio Summer School (Glycans and Lectins), Glycoforum will provide high quality lecture materials to students and members of the general public who are seeking to learn more about glycans and lectins at the Summer School.

Glycotext publishes the presentation slides used in lectures at SEIKAGAKU CORPORATION after 2021 because TIAnano Bio Summer School(Glycan and Lectin) isn’t held after 2020.