Osamu Kanie (Glycoscience Laboratory, Mitsubishi-Kasei Institute of Life Sciences)
GT-A00 :
Chemical "Hierarchy" and "Individuality" in Oligosaccharide Synthesis
Osamu Kanie
GT-A01 :
Glycosidation Reactions Capitalizing on Phosphorus-containing Leaving Groups
Shunichi Hashimoto / Seiichi Nakamura
GT-A02 :
Intramolecular Aglycon Delivery for Stereoselective Synthesis of beta-Manno Glycoside
Yukishige Ito
GT-A03 :
Stereoselective Synthesis of 1,2-cis-Glycosides
Koichi Fukase
GT-A04 :
One-pot Glycosylation in the Synthesis of Oligosaccharides
Takashi Takahashi
GT-A05 :
Systematic Synthesis of Gangliosides
Hideharu Ishida
GT-A06 :
Synthesis of Sphingoglycolipids Using Water-soluble Primers
Shin-Ichiro Nishimura
GT-A07 :
Synthesis of Azasugars Using Enzyme-catalyzed Reaction
Tetsuya Kajimoto
GT-A08 :
Synthesis of Biologically Active Carba-Sugar Derivatives
Seiichiro Ogawa
Masahiko Endo (School of Medicine, Hirosaki University)
GT-B00 :
Glycotechnology Using Endo-type Glycosidases
Masahiko Endo
GT-B01 :
Transglycosylation Mechanism of Endoglycanases from the Viewpoint of Oligosaccharide Synthesis
Shin-ichiro Shoda / Masaya Fujita
GT-B02 :
Amino Acid Residues Essential for Transglycosylation Activity of Endo-β-N-Acetylglucosaminidase
Kaoru Takegawa / Kiyotaka Fujita
GT-B03 :
Synthesis of Glycopeptide Using Endoglycosidase
Kenji Yamamoto
GT-B04 :
Sumihiro Hase
GT-B05 :
Synthesis of Proteoglycan Using the Endo-type Glycosidase
Keiichi Takagaki
GT-B06 :
Synthesis of O-Glycosidic Linkage Glycopeptide Using Endo-type Glycosidase
Ikuko Karakasa
GT-B07 :
Efficient Methods for Synthesizing Oligosaccharide Units and Derivatives Utilizing Lysozyme and Cellulase
Taichi Usui
GT-B08 :
Enzymatic synthesis of glycosphingolipids and their derivatives
Makoto Ito
Kazuaki Kakehi (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kinki University)
GT-C01 :
Determination of Molecular Masses of Regularly Arranged Acidic Polysaccharides
Kazuaki Kakehi
GT-C02 :
Metabolic Cytometry: Monitoring Oligosaccharide Biosynthesis in Single Cells
Monica M. Palcic
GT-C03 :
Ultra-sensitive Analysis of Carbohydrates
Shigeo Suzuki
GT-C03 :
Ultra-sensitive Analysis of Carbohydrates -Update-
Masahiro Yodoshi / Shigeo Suzuki
GT-C04 :
Analysis of Interactions between Carbohydrates and Proteins
Nana Kawasaki
GT-C05 :
Glycoform Analysis of Glycoproteins
Masahiko Okamoto
GT-C06 :
Fluorescence Polarization-Carbohydrate-Protein Interaction in Solution
Mitsuhiro Kinoshita / Yasuo Oda
GT-C07 :
Frontal Affinity Chromatography for Quantitative Analysis of Sugar-Protein Interaction
Jun Hirabayashi
GT-C08 :
Phage Display Method: Analysis of the interaction between ganglioside and peptide
Teruhiko Matsubara / Toshinori Sato
GT-C09 :
Rapid and Accurate Identification of Oligosaccharide Structures Using the Observational MSn Spectral Library
Akihiko Kameyama
GT-C10 :
Application of Bioinformatics to Glycoresearch: Glycoinformatics
Hiroko Takekawa / Haruko Ogawa
Yasumaru Hatanaka (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University)
GT-D01 :
Glycosyl Photoaffinity Probes: Synthesis and Application
Yasumaru Hatanaka
GT-D02 :
Bioinspired Material Having Nucleoside and Carbohydrate
Kenichi Hatanaka
GT-D03 :
Carbohydrate Module Method: A Simple Methodology for the Library Assembly of Oligosaccharide Mimetics
Yoshihiro Nishida /
Kenji Sasaki /
Kazukiyo Kobayashi