Hyaluronan Today

Editor/ Vincent C. Hascall / Masaki Yanagishita / Bryan P. Toole
The enigma of hyaluronan-synthesizing membrane protrusions and hyaluronan coats(2010 Vol.14, A2)
Kirsi Rilla / Markku Tammi / Raija Tammi
The Xenopus model for evaluating hyaluronan during development(2010 Vol.14, A1)
Davide Vigetti / Michela Ori / Alberto Passi
Growth factor regulation of hyaluronan metabolism in tumor progression(2009 Vol.13, A4)
Paraskevi Heldin
The regulation and function of hyaluronan binding by CD44 in the immune system(2009 Vol.13, A1)
Brian Ruffell / Pauline Johnson
Hyaluronan : Current Macromolecular and Micromolecular Views(2008 Vol.12, A3)
Andrew Almond / Timothy E. Hardingham
Hyaluronan as a regulatory component of neural stem cell and progenitor cell niches(2008 Vol.12, A2)
Larry S. Sherman / Kerstin Feistel
The role of hyaluronan in renal stone disease(2007 Vol.11, A3)
Carl Verkoelen
Novel Functions of Hyaluronan Oligosaccharides(2005 Vol.9, A1)
Akira Asari
The Hyaluronan Receptor, CD44 -Update-(2004 Vol.8, A10)
Warren Knudson / Cheryl Knudson
Bacterial Hyaluronan Synthases -Update-(2004 Vol.8, A4)
Paul H. Weigel
Update on the Mammalian Hyaluronidases -Update-(2004 Vol.8, A3)
Robert Stern
The Lymphatic Endothelial Hyaluronan Receptor LYVE-1(2004 Vol.8, A2)
David G. Jackson
Hyaluronan and Hyaluronan Synthesis in the Bone Marrow Microenvironment: A Comparison of Patients with Multiple Myeloma and Healthy Donors(2003 Vol.7, A7)
Anna M. Masellis
Hyaluronan in Prostate Cancer Progression(2003 Vol.7, A8)
James B. McCarthy / Melanie A. Simpson
Hyaluronan and Airway Mucosal Host Defense(2002 Vol.6, A11)
Rosanna M Forteza / Gregory E.Conner / Matthias Salathe
Three-dimensional Structures of Hyaluronate Lyases from Streptococcus Species and Their Mechanism of Hyaluronan Degradation(2002 Vol.6, A8)
Mark J. Jedrzejas
"The Tree" : Hyaluronan Research in the 20th Century(2002 Vol.6, A1)
Torvard C. Laurent
SHAP, a Protein Covalently Bound to Hyaluronan(2001 Vol.5, A9)
Koji Kimata / Lisheng Zhuo
Hyaluronan: Static, Hydrodynamic and Molecular Dynamic Views(2001 Vol.5, A8)
John Sheehan / Andrew Almond
Intracellular Hyaluronan(2001 Vol.5, A6)
Stephen Evanko / Thomas N. Wight
Biomaterials from Chemically-Modified Hyaluronan(2001 Vol.5, A4)
Glenn D. Prestwich
Novel Hyaluronan Synthases from Chlorella Viruses and Pasteurella Bacteria(2001 Vol.5, A3)
Paul L. DeAngelis
Hyaluronan and the Organization of the Interphotoreceptor Matrix of the Retina(2001 Vol.5, A2)
Joe G. Hollyfield
Understanding Hyaluronan-Protein Interactions(2001 Vol.5, A1)
Anthony J. Day
Mammalian Hyaluronidases(2000 Vol.4, A6)
Robert Stern / Antonei B. Csóka
Microbial Hyaluronan Lyases(2000 Vol.4, A4)
Sakaru Suzuki
Medical application of Hyaluronan(2000 Vol.4, A1)
Akira Asari / Satoshi Miyauchi
Hyaluronan and Colon Smooth Muscle Cells(1999 Vol.3, A5)
Scott Strong / Carol de la Motte
RHAMM, a member of the hyaladherins(1999 Vol.3, A3)
Eva Turley / Rene Harrison
The Hyaluronan Receptor, CD44(1999 Vol.3, A2)
Warren Knudson / Cheryl B. Knudson
Hyaluronan in Atherosclerosis and Restenosis(1999 Vol.3, A1)
Thomas N. Wight
Hyaluronan in Morphogenesis and Tissue Remodeling(1998 Vol.2, A9)
Bryan P. Toole
Eukaryotic Hyaluronan Synthases(1998 Vol.2, A7)
Andrew P. Spicer / John A. McDonald
Bacterial Hyaluronan Synthases(1998 Vol.2, A6)
Paul H. Weigel
Cartilage; Aggrecan-Link Protein-Hyaluronan Aggregates(1998 Vol.2, A5)
Timothy E. Hardingham
Hyaluronan in the Epidermis(1998 Vol.2, A4)
Raija Tammi / Markku Tammi
Role of Hyaluronan during Ovulation and Fertilization(1998 Vol.2, A2)
Antonietta Salustri / Csaba Fulop
Secondary and Tertiary Structures of Hyaluronan in Aqueous Solution. Some Biological Consequences(1998 Vol.2, A1)
John E. Scott
Hyaluronan: Structure and Physical Properties(1997 Vol.1, A2)
Vincent C. Hascall / Torvard C. Laurent
Vincent C. Hascall / Masaki Yanagishita / Bryan P. Toole