Current Issue

Regenerative medicine and glycans

History of iPS cells - from birth to medical application

Masato Nakagawa and Shinya Yamanaka

last updated 2020/10/01 (Glycoforum. 2020 Vol.23 (5), A13)

About 15 years have elapsed since the birth of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. Surprisingly, iPS cells have found some medical applications during that time. In this paper, we provide a historical overview of iPS cells, from their discovery to the present, and explore their future prospects.


Introduction to Galectins

Experimental Protocols and Unsolved Questions (Narratives)

Jun Hirabayashi / Sachiko Sato

last updated 2020/10/01 (Glycoforum. 2020 Vol.23 (5), A14)

A brand new Glycoforum® genre series related to Galectins will be started, combined with publication of many detailed experimental protocols for galectin production. As editors of this series we hope to bring unique perspectives to the field of galectins and glycoscience.


A note on expression and purification of recombinant galectins

Nozomu Nishi

last updated 2020/10/01 (Glycoforum. 2020 Vol.23 (5), A15)

This note describes unpublished data regarding the expression (in E. coli) and purification of human galectins. I hope that the data and know-how provided below will be useful for researchers (especially for those having limited experience in biochemistry) who are not acquainted with the galectin family and have a need to prepare recombinant galectins.