Current Issue

Glycan and Database

Databases and artificial intelligence

What paths do databases and AI open for the future of glycan research?

Kiyoko F. Aoki-Kinoshita

last updated 2020/08/01 (Glycoforum. 2020 Vol.23 (4), A11)

In this final installment of this series, the possibilities of artificial intelligence applications to the various efforts around glycan-related database development are discussed. After a brief introduction to the field of AI, the compatibility of AI to glycobiology is described, followed by ideas for future research combining these fields.

Regenerative medicine and glycans

Regulation of axon regeneration by glycans and autophagy

Kenji Kadomatsu

last updated 2020/08/01 (Glycoforum. 2020 Vol.23 (4), A12)

Neurons are cells that are fully differentiated and do not divide further. Therefore, it is difficult to grow these cells, once damaged, and to replace them with new ones. Neurons with injured axons can only maintain their function by regenerating their axons. However, little or no axon regeneration takes place in the central nervous system. It has been revealed that glycans, glycan receptors, and autophagy are involved in this regeneration process. In this article, I describe the timeline and historical development of this research topic in a way that makes it more readable than the typical review article in an academic journal.


Analyses in determining the sequence and structure of glycans

Hirokazu Yagi

last updated 2020/08/01 (Glycoforum. 2020 Vol.23 (SI), G4)