Nervous System & Sugar Chain

Tamao Endo
(Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology, Foundation for Research on Aging and Promotion of Human Welfare)
NS-A00 :
The Nervous System and the Sugar Chain: Encouraging Glyco-Neurobiology Research
Tamao Endo
NS-A01 :
Functional Roles of Chondroitin Sulfate in Neural Network Formation
Nobuaki Maeda
NS-A02 :
Role of Perlecan at the Neuromuscular Junction
Eri Hirasawa
NS-A03 :
Polysialic Acid (Di/Oligosialic Acid) in the Nervous System
Chihiro Sato
NS-A04 :
Role of Heparan Sulfate in the Development of the Central Nervous System
Masaru Inatani
NS-A05 :
Functional Role of the HNK-1 Carbohydrate in the Nervous System
Shogo Oka