About Glycoforum


Glycoforum® was established in 1997, with the aim of introducing rapidly developing carbohydrate research in an understandable way not only to specialists but also widely to those who are interested in the field through publication of review articles, research introductions, etc. by front-line glycoscience researchers, thereby contributing to development of the carbohydrate research field.

Your opinions and suggestions are always welcome.

We hope that Glycoforum® plays a role as a part of the already established global network of carbohydrate information. We would appreciate it if you would visit this website as a reader or writer to help nurture this forum.


Yukio Goto I believe we can contribute to development of glycoscience by conveying the attractions of glycoscience clearly and simply to not only carbohydrate researchers but also researchers and students outside the field.
Yuniko Shibata By disseminating various possibilities and attractions of carbohydrates through Glycoforum® activities, I would like to help life science develop.
Yoshihiro Takatsu I participate in as many seminars as possible to expose ourselves to the excellence of studies and passion of researchers in the hope of sharing the empathy and excitement I have felt with as many people as possible. I declare that I believe in the endless potential of glycoscience more than anyone else!