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Hyaluronan Today Report on the 11th International Conference on Hyaluronic Acid (HA 2017) / Naoki Itano NEW
The 11th International Conference on Hyaluronic Acid (HA 2017) was held at the Inter-Continental Hotel and Conference Center in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, for five days from June 11, 2017. Drs. Carol de la Motte and Vincent Hascall (Cleveland Clinic, USA) assumed the leading role of organizers of this conference.  ...and more

Hyaluronan Today Is host defense due to complement-related lectins? / Katsuki Ohtani, Nobutaka Wakamiya
Research on acquired immunity, including cell-mediated and humoral immunity became prominent with advances made in molecular biology in the 1970s. Later the importance of innate immunity became clear with the discovery of the Toll-like receptor. More recently, lectin studies have drawn new attention to immunology.   ...and more
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