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Message for "The Science of Hyaluronan Today"

The Glycoforum website established by Seikagaku Corporation is celebrating its 10th year. The series "The Science of Hyaluronan Today" was an inaugural feature of the website that has continued to bring new insight into the multi-faceted, ever expanding biological and technological roles of this fascinating macromolecule. The series has been a valuable resource as indicated by the nearly one million visits it has received during the past year.

We are therefore very pleased that Seikagaku has asked that we continue to bring new information to this site through frequent "Updates" of former articles and the addition of new articles featuring the emerging frontiers of hyaluronan research. The recent 7th International Conference on Hyaluronan in Charleston, co-chaired by Bryan Toole and Vincent Hascall, provided an opportunity to learn the current state of the art for hyaluronan research and was an excellent launching point to initiate the second 10 year progression of this series. We hope that you will enjoy it and find it valuable as it continues to evolve.

September, 2007

Vincent C. Hascall Cleveland Clinic
Vincent C. Hascall
Cleveland Clinic
Masaki Yanagishita Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Masaki Yanagishita
Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Bryan P. Toole Medical University of South Carolina
Bryan P. Toole
Medical University of South Carolina

Message for the Update series

Vincent C. Hascall

The international conference on hyaluronan, Hyaluronan 2003, was an exciting crossroad demonstrating the exceptional importance of our favorite molecule in many aspects of the biology of higher organisms and some of our bacterial aggressors. This ensures that there will continue to be new, cutting-edge chapters for the foreseeable future in our Science of Hyaluronan website.

The website was initiated almost 6 years ago with the objective of summarizing the current status of different hyaluronan research areas in a form that would be accessible to a wide audience of researchers with diverse backgrounds. As is almost always the case, the current status of a novel, cutting edge research area advances into even newer, uncharted areas with additional time, and this is the case with a number of the contributions made to the website. Therefore, we have given the authors of the chapters from the first 2 years of the website an opportunity to prepare an Update. The intent of the Updates is to show what new things have happened in the interval between the original chapter and the present. The Updates will be placed immediately behind the original chapters in the website.

We are very happy to initiate the Update series with two by Paul Weigel "Bacterial Hyaluronan Synthases" and Robert Stern "The Mammalian Hyaluronidases" we look forward to many more in the future.

May, 2004


Vincent C. Hascall

Seikagaku Corporation is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and as part of this event, is opening this web-site "glycoforum". Glycoforum is intended as a public service to present short articles on current, exciting research activities in glycobiology. These articles are intended to reach the wider research community and not solely the specialists in the particular subject matter being featured.

We are delighted that Seikagaku has chosen the topic of "The Science of Hyaluronan Today" as the first series for Glycoforum, and that we were asked to organize and edit it. This series will focus on one of the most fascinating macromolecules in nature, and one which is currently receiving a lot of attention from both the research and commercial sectors. The first article, which follows below, will introduce hyaluronan and provide a background for the articles to follow, approximately two every 3 months over the next 2 years. We hope that you will find these articles informative, interesting and entertaining. We welcome any comments or questions you may have about the articles in this series at any time.